i'm Pasquale

Owner / photographer

Professional photographer for agencies, that need to translate in images their stories. An aestetic way of storytelling that belongs to him from over 20 years.
He contributed in the growth of differents professional studios in luxury destination weddings field, cooperating with international agencies and very well known photographers of the sector, with the belief that curiosity, dialogue and comparison are strong incentive for creativity and professional growth. From several years he combines his passion for architecture and design, taking shoots of precious hotels structures and cooperation with architects and designer during shooting of interiors.
Sharp reality observer, he feeds his aesthetic taste travelling around the world and relate his experiences through evocative photo reportage.
Quality, not quantity, that’s his guideline, he works with passion and constant attention for the details. The research of beauty it’s the lead of his job.

And then there's Michele. Who is Michele?

Michele is the balance in my decisions.

He defines himself as a Neapolitan, a photographer, a curious person, a passionate person, a presumptuous person… a man.

He has been a great friend for years, and he has been and still is a teacher to me. Today, he is a certainty and a great reference for Andreotti Photography.

About 13 years ago, I decided to move away from wedding photography to approach new inspirations in photography with different languages. I decided to look for them in fashion photography.

I aimed to become Michele’s collaborator, who in those years was the reference when looking for creativity and quality in Italy.

I wrote to him and he immediately replied, giving me an appointment in his studio. I will never forget that “interview,” if I may call it that.

From there, our long friendship began.

Attention… why did I write “was”? What happened?

It happened that, as much as Michele tried to add narrative quality to commercial images, he realized that, nevertheless, that photography remained an extremely commercial product. It made little difference whether it was for Gucci or any other brand; it remained just “product” photography, even when done with art. So, in order not to let his passion for photography die, he decided to kill the photographer.

He put a stop to his creative phase. He decided overnight that he no longer wanted to photograph for companies and brands, but to dedicate himself to a totally different kind of photography. He began to undertake a magnificent project shot with a pinhole camera, a project that is still alive today. He also became passionate about social issues. Currently, he also serves as a content creator and content manager for a maternity hospital.

Knowing how much Michele loves to narrate with his photography the essence of people and the beauty of a smile, and knowing how important Michele has been for my photography, I couldn’t help but ask him to join me in this adventure, to accompany me, support me and give me suggestions.

When I have a doubt, Michele always knows how to give me an answer.



Born in the second half of the previous century. He starts taking shoots of contemporary theatre in a city which is itself a theatre: Naples.
Once ended his studies in political science, he goes to Milan.
Fashion, catwalks and beauty. Thousand of projects, campaigns, jobs, castings, shootings, catwalks and magazines. He is surrounded by wonders.
In 2015 he leaves everything to dedicate to portraits and social documentary photography. He starts looking for people and real stories, lives stories, searching for faces which tell something, without the need to appear, simply with the essence of being.
After more than 15 years, he goes back to the origins with analog photography. Through the photography film, he consecrate the moment of the shoot, which value, is unique and unrepeatable. He loves weddings, hugs, smiles and the emotional crying.
Inside his photographies live two souls: the fashion one, which is marked inside him, and the emotional one, made of people stories, that communicates the desire of reaching at hearts through the beauty of simplicity.

What brings them closer is the different in the roads they have been followed until today.

One is a reportage photographer, convinced that in the moment resides poetry.
The other is a fashion photographer, convinced that beauty is a value.
For both of them, to photograph is to participate. It’s being in relationship with others.

The camera is only the pretext, the aim is to share the moment of photography with others.

Different experiences involve different visions.

  • We are Italian, we live of history, art and beauty.
  • We are Mediterranean. Photography is part of our culture, life, we feel it inside, it gives us pleasure and we dedicate most of our time to it.
  • In the last 10 years we have worked with many professionals in the world of weddings and we have had the privilege of photographing in many enchanting locations.
    We love to create connection with everyone involved in the event: bride and groom, venue guests and of course the vendors. A wedding is a great a magical moment where everyone brings a little bit of magic.